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Ruth Almond is the owner/manager of Archery West and is an Accredited Archery Society of Western Australia Coach and is also the only Mathews Certified Technician in Western Australia so is qualified to give you well informed information that will help make your archery a pleasant and rewarding experience for many years to come.

Ruth is also the preferred WA dealer for Mathews - Hoyt - W&W - Samick Archery
Mission Archery - Elite Archery - Martin Archery - PSE - Carbon Express Arrows
Easton Arrows - Danage Targets and more.

"We are not here to just sell you Archery Equipment but to help you with your purchase so that you will both enjoy your archery and and in turn become a better archer. This website is designed to give you a very small insight into what is available for the beginner up to the best.

While those archers who have been shooting for a while can at times safely go online and purchase some equipment this is not recommended for people just starting off in the sport.

What looks like a bargain may prove to be more expensive in the long run so please don't buy anything until you have had a chance to have a chat with us first".

Recurve Archers.

While recurve Archers can safely buy most accessories including sights, arm guards, finger tabs, quivers, chest guards, finger or wrist slings, a stabilizer set up, bow stands and a bow stringer off the shelf you simply can't do the same with the actual bow and arrows.

You have to get the correct length Bow Riser and Limbs suited to the amount of pounds that you can comfortably draw back, while the Arrows also have to be the correct length and have the correct stiffness (or spine) for the limbs that you have.

On top of this if you are only just starting out that might all change in 12 months. So how much should you spend now?

Compound Archers.

Most of the accessories that a Recurve Archer uses are the same except that you can use a special release aid and different sights. Most Compound Bows are able to have the poundage (draw weight) adjusted as well as the draw length however you still need to have Arrows that are the correct length and stiffness.

If you don't get all of the above right then you simply will not get the best out of your equipment and yourself and there is a fair chance that all of your gear will end up on ebay before too long.

Bow Hunters.

Most bow hunters will use a compound bow and we recommend that if you are new to the sport of bowhunting you should come in and have a chat. Again the wrong information will leave you disappointed. We have known people who have bought bows from eBay, Cash Converters and the like only to find that they are totally unsuitable for hunting. Arrows also need to be matched to the correct bow and designed for the type of hunting that you intend to do.

Finger Tab for recurve archers. While these all basically do the same job there are many different styles.

Release aid for use with a compound bow.
These come in various
forms both for Target and Field Archers as well as Hunters.

Recurve bow risers come in different lengths as well as colours. Limbs come in different colours, lengths and draw weight. There are two weights related to a bow - physical weight (actual weight of the bow) and draw weight (how hard in lbs it is to draw the bow back).